Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Beast

They renamed Highway 666 in America a few years ago - see here.

I hadn't realised that people were making a fuss about yesterday being 6th of the 6th of the 6th (has this all been whipped up by the release of the new Omen film) but it's just occurred to me that the current two-part Doctor Who story (The Impossible Planet last Saturday, The Satan Pit this Saturday) is full of references to the Beast.

I can remember looking up Revelations in the Bible when the first Omen films were shown on TV; and being concerned that the scar under my hair could just possibly be the number 666 - although, oddly enough, on closer examination it looks just like a small line.

Of course, is there be any significance in the following?
crounching + tiger + ambling + sheep = 666


JP said...

They couldn't have a ginger beast, he wouldn't get taken seriously.

dB said...

I see they renamed highway 666 to 491 and in Chinese culture, things containing 4 are unlucky because 4 sounds a bit like death in Chinese.

Are there any numbers that aren't considered unlucky by someone?