Friday, May 19, 2006


If you're into Chinese number nonsense then you'll be wanting to visit this site:

While we're on the subject of nonsense, I complained to the BBC the other day (yeah, I know, I should get out more...):
"I was shocked to see an article on the BBC News website entitled 'Psychic Geller buys Elvis's home'. Is the BBC endorsing Uri Gellar's claims to have psychic powers? The article opens with the line 'Psychic spoon-bender Uri Geller has bought a house lived in by Elvis Presley'. Whilst I'm aware that Mr Gellar has on many occasions bent spoons, I am not aware of him ever submitting to any appropriately controlled test that would demonstrate any psychic abilities. Would it not be more appropriate to put the word 'psychic' in inverted commas to indicate the unproven nature of his alleged powers?"
and sure enough they changed it:


JP said...

Which begs the question that maybe they should be getting out more.

dB said...

Good job.

The new title of 'Celebrity Spoon Bender' that they have afforded him definitely sounds much more pathetic than 'Psychic Spoon Bender'.