Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Prince Charles

Alas, Prince Charles has made a speech in support of so-called complementary medicines on the same day that a group of clinical scientists called for the NHS not to waste public money on unproven therapies. One benefit of Charles becoming King would be that he'll not be allowed to vote.

I like this bit on the Guardian website, not because of the editorial but because of the some of the comments that people have added about it; particularly:
"A typical Arts Grad. editorial confusing data with anecdote and satisfaction survey with clinical trial because they are lazy and ignorant. This is a serious issue. People will have to live in pain or die because the ignorant like Prince Charles and the Guardian editors support the peddlers of snake oil in selling their quack remedies which do not work. This wastes NHS funds and causes real suffering. Not to His Majesty of course whose subjects are made to pay for his private treatment through their taxes. "

Of course, Mr Windsor may have meant 'complimentary' medicine; which is where an ebullient doctor greets you warmly at the door of the surgery, shakes you by the hand and says things like: 'It's great to see you! How are you doing? You look fantastic!'

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JP said...

This is an interesting topic, and one on which I'm not yet sold either way.

So much of our...government sanctioned medical treatments and industry regulated medicines are derived, in part, from treatments that we call 'alternative therapies', surely. And are we to completely rely on these official bodies for our health and our future.

I know it smacks of conspiracy theory but I'm sure we'd be a lot closer to curing HIV, for example, if it was more profitable than selling expensive combination therapies to growing numbers of sufferers in order to sustain the infection...sorry...I mean to keep it at bay...don't I.

Oops, here endeth the rant.